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GY 8000K

      GY 8000K is applied in epoxy resin field as latent hardener and accelerator of dicyandiamide. 8000K is often applied in adhesive and coating in electronic industry, especially in one-component adhesive.
1.Physics property:
        Appearance:      yellow to brown powder
        Melt point:       130~145
        Size,d90:         10um
2.Typical formula A (as hardener alone)
            epoxy resin(EEW=190)   100
            8000K                             20
            fumed silica                     1
Gel time(/min): 80/60; 90/30.;100/15;110/9;120/ 4.      
Pot life:40/4weeks
Typical formula B (as accelerator of dicyandiamide)
                epoxy resin(EEW=190)       100
                dicyandiamide                      8
                8000K                                   5
                fumed silica                           1
Gel time(/min): 110/50;120/20
Pot life:  40 /6weeks 

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