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      GY MC120D is imidazole type hardener (curing agent) and accelerator for one-component epoxy resin compound. As accelerator, it can low down  hardening temperature and shorten hardening time when using dicyandiamide.MC120D is applied in electronic adhesive and sealant.
1. Physical characteristics:
            Appearance      Yellowish powder
            m.p.            135~150
            Size,d90         10um
2. Typical formula A
Epoxy resin (EEW=190) 100
MC120D    20
Fumed silica   1
Gel time(/min):
Pot life: 40/4weeks
Typical formula B
Epoxy resin (EEW=190) 100
Dicyandiamide  8
MC120D    3(Ranging from 1 to 5)
Fumed silica   1
Gel time:
Pot life: 40/6weeks

The technic data(after hardening according to formula B)
      Temperature    Tensile strength(kg/cm2)
            25               222
            80               220
            120              190
            140              170
            160              132
NoteMC120D is microcapsuled type hardenerdiluent or solvent should be avoided in formula.

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